Wednesday Words.

2015 is here, ready or not.

So, we realize we are a little late to post this, but the way we see it all of these planners are probably on sale now, right? Here are our top picks of planners for 2015.

1. Black and White Stripe – May Designs

2. Gold Dot – Kate Spade

3. Jolly Jester – Erin Condren

4. Tusk in Sun - Lilly Pulitzer

5. Pink Key – Emily Ley


So pick one and use the first two weeks we missed for grocery list!


xoxo. Lauren & Jessica.

How to Pick Your Wedding Colors:

We couldn’t resist posting this awesome post about how to choose your wedding colors.  Thanks BirchBox for reposting and for creating something any Bride-To-Be needs to read before their big day:)



How to Pick Your Wedding Colors: Blog

and….We’re BACK!

First off, we want to thank all of you for keeping up with IDC.  A year ago we would have never dreamed that a little meeting in Krispy Kreme one Spring afternoon would have led to a fun blog for a couple of best friends, but we are so thankful it did:)  This past year has been filled with creative adventures, insightful ventures, and lots and lots of fun!  Lauren and Jessica started this blog to cultivate creativity and we hope that we have inspired you in some small way to do just that.

You may be wondering what happened to IDC since November?!! We are truly sorry for the delay.  Lauren is a full-time photographer and Jessica is a full-time marketing manager for an investment firm.  Our busy work schedules got somewhat in the way of generating posts, but good news—WE’RE BACK!

What’s next?  Glad you asked.

Jessica’s younger brother is getting married in June and we’ll be posting a few helpful hints for planning, ideas for decorating and even a few photos from the wedding since Lauren will be capturing the day’s festivities.

IDC will also be launching a new schedule for posts.

We are currently looking for products to cross-promote.  Do you have a product that you’d like us to promote on IDC? Send us an email at

So, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping up with us!!


The Best is Yet to Come,

Lauren & Jessica



Hosting Thanksgiving?

The holidays are a special time of year…but let’s be for real…The holidays are also some of the most stressful times of year.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together, it is an easy task to get overwhelmed.   Lauren and Jessica throw parties all the time and have a few helpful hints for planning that special Thanksgiving party.

  1. Send out an invite. This may seem like overkill for family, but trust us it sets the mood for a fun party and makes people feel special when they receive even the smallest of gestures such as this.  We are sure about your family, but most of the time Evite works great (and its free)!
  2. Plan the menu. Are you cooking for your entire family/friends?  If so, plan out ahead of time.  We try to buy non-perishable items as they are on sale in the grocery store ie chicken stock, stuffing mix, brown sugar, etc..
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to bring something. People love to feel included.  Don’t be afraid to ask your Aunt to bring her famous sweet potato casserole.   They will love that you think so highly of their dish.
  4. Set a style and decorate. Take your home or setting for the Thanksgiving party/dinner to the next level by decorating in a new way.  We love the idea of putting a question on each place setting that the person has to share and answer after dinner.
  5. Remember, perfection is not possible. No one is perfect, so if something seems out of place….ROCK IT OUT! It will not be the end of the world and more than likely, no one will notice the supposed “issue” but you.
  6. Prepare as much as possible a head of time. This rule always helps with everything.  If you can prepare it before hand, do it.  Fix the food ahead of time, prepare the table the night before, make your last minute list of “buy” items a week before, call guest list for final counts  3 days before, etc…  If you prepare like this, your day of schedule will be enjoyable and not crazy.
  7. Have fun. Remember the reason you are hosting the party.  It’s Thanksgiving.  Relax and have fun as you prepare and host your party for family and friends.


Hope these seven reminders help you as much as they help us!  What are you all doing for Thanksgiving this year?  We are preparing for our party next week and can’t wait to share photos:)


T W I T T E R